facebook-20150615-134223Ednaworld Travels provides all the necessary information you need about your
travels and guidance you need in the processing and acquiring of your Visa.

We also offer discount and benefits such as free return tickets to our
customers quarterly.



We also provide Airport Protocol services that take the pressures of travel logistics off you and make your travel experience a pleasant one.

This is done by undertaking the handling of your ticketing and confirmation procedures, hotel reservation, airport assistance and to give you all the necessary information concerning your trip.



tourismTourism is one of the most important and popular activities done by the
people in this modern world. We know that all the people in world like to
visit new places and gain new experience.

We assist you to ensure you have a great travel experience and take you to
spectacular places around the world.



We provide you with all the necessary guidance you need in the processing
and acquiring of your Visa. With our team of seasoned Professionals.

We simplify the process and assist you every step of the way.


AR Car Rental

We offer Car Hire Services at affordable rates. The company has young and
experienced team of professionals, who help you to make your travel easy and
hassle free.

You can easily hire our services at its unbelievable rates by which your
journey becomes memorable.


front-desk-managerWe have strong tie ups with the hotels and Resorts. To get the best suited
accommodation for your holidays, get in touch with us as we assist you in
selecting the accommodation style.

We make sure that you get great accommodation and ensure availability of